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Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by clazy


My Japan Trip Haul

Well, I had some spending money so I told myself I’d actually buy otaku shit this time around (along with some badass kicks). But I didn’t want to get a $100+ fancy huge figure so I went the nendroid route. I just got home earlier today and opened up all my shit and goddamn I am one happy Type-Moon/Evangelion fanboy. Anyway, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

I’m especially fond of my Type-Moon nendroids as they come in an 11 part set and you don’t really know whats inside each box until you open them. I bought 5 and luckily there were no duplicates, so that made my day. Opening all my gifts to myself really woke me up from my exhaustion. Left Fukuoka at 9pm Friday to arrive in Hawaii at 9:30am Friday. Motherfucking time travel. El Psy Congroo. Interestingly though the flight to Japan was 10.5 hours while the flight back to Hawaii was only around 7.5, dem wind currents. Of course I played Fire Emblem the entire way back so, fuck sleep, amirite.

I spent about 400-560 yen on each one so the total came out to around $65 bucks. Great deal in my opinion since I got most of the characters I wanted… except for Arcueid, damnit. But all in all, I had fun buying and opening them for the mystery box factor. My favorite of all has to be the Eye-patch Asuka since, you know, eyepatches are all the rage nowadays and Kimigabuchi’s Re-Take (I’d link but no link b/c nsfw).


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