Show Scoring Criteria

Shows are scored based upon four criteria:

Aesthetics: Overall visual design of the anime. Aesthetics looks at: character design, scenery & background, stylistic choices, movement/choreography, and consistency of quality throughout the series.

Storyline: How well the story holds up on its own. This parameter examines the overall quality of the narrative by taking a look at: originality, concept, complexity, character personalities/relationships, and pacing/flow.

Sound: The quality and appropriateness of music (OP/ED and in-show), sound effects, and character voicing.

Execution: The overall feel of the show. A series can have amazing animation quality, a Pulitzer Prize winning storyline, a soundtrack composed by Mozart, and still be awful. Execution takes a look at just how well all three of these components are intertwined into one complete and cohesive package.

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