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Throwback Tuesdays – Futakoi Alternative

Throwback Tuesdays – Futakoi Alternative exo

Futakoi Alternative (2005)


Summary: In a world of copy-paste romance shows, Futakoi Alternative breaks the mold with its quirky storyline, humorous dialogue, and likeable cast of characters.



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“Throwback Tuesdays” is something new that will start appearing on the blog every other Tuesday or so. In these posts, I’ll review/briefly discuss older anime chosen somewhat at random. My intent with this is to give readers that are new to anime some exposure to the older shows, while bringing to light some hidden jewels that seasoned veterans may have missed.

Title: Futakoi Alternative
Year: 2005
Studio: ufotable
# of Episodes: 13
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama

In these reviews as well as others, shows are scored based upon four criteria, detailed here.

Summary: Futakoi Alternative follows the story of Rentarou Futaba, who runs a detective agency along with two girls, Shirogane Sara and Shirogane Soju. As the story progresses, the Shirogane twins’ mysterious past catches up to them and comes crashing down on their peaceful life, and it’s up to the three to make things right.

I consider Futakoi Alternative to be one of my favorite anime of all time. Its actually pretty surprising to me how unknown it is despite it being one of ufotable’s better works. And when it comes down to the tangible aspects of the show (animation, sound), there’s really nothing to complain about. Everything fits together neatly and the show still holds up some seven years later, which is no small feat considering the advent of high definition broadcasts. While this is all fine and dandy, where Futakoi Alternative really shines is in its cast of characters and dynamic plot line.

Other studios should take note of Rentarou, who I feel is one of the few male protagonists done right. He spares the viewers all of the embarrassment, naivety, and indecisiveness that plagues the men of the romance genre and “mans up when it’s time to man up”. This in turn frees up space to focus on the actual plot, which is somewhat generic at first. But don’t let that fool you. Things start to get ridiculous, and it really only gets more ridiculous from that point on.

Despite Futakoi Alternative’s humorous nature and the fact that the show doesn’t really make an effort to take itself seriously, it does in fact have a moody side to it. Drama is a major element of FA and I feel it works very well to bring a new dimension to the story, creating a robust, and multifaceted narrative that takes you on emotional roller coaster rides all day long.

Overall, a very solid choice for a rainy day.


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