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Poll Results: Top 3 from Bake/Nisemonogatari

After a month of deliberation, the results are in. 44 of you voted for your top three favorite characters from Araragi’s own harem. The results weren’t too surprising and I found them to fit in quite nicely with my own personal preferences. So without further ado…

Here’s the poll in question:

44 voters with a total of 111 votes.

1. Senjougahara (57%)

Senjougahara comes in at number one. A little over half the voters picked her as one of their top three choices, no small feat with such a large selection. Just what is it about Senjougahara that appeals to everyone? Is it her extreme tsundere nature? Her intense devotion to her saviors? Her splendid character design? Perhaps its a combination of a number of factors. She’s definitely one of the more interesting characters that I’ve encountered through anime, it’s a shame there wasn’t more of her in Nisemono, and that she cut her hair. :X

2. Shinobu (50%)

Exactly half of voters ticked off Shinobu as one of their choices, bringing her in to the number two spot. Shinobu is a a somewhat new addition to the series. Sure we’ve seen her a bunch of times in Bakemonogatari, but we didn’t truly know her until Nisemono came around. The bath scene revealed quite a lot about Shinobu and Araragi’s relationship with each other and how they are fated for each other through their immortality. What makes Shinobu such a popular character? She comes off as a spoiled princess type, but always helps Araragi out of her own willingness (although she is too proud to admit this is the case). She also has a rather cute quirk with her infatuation over Mister Doughnuts and brings quite a bit of badassery to the gatari series with her vampric abilities. Shinobu also has three different forms, making her a character for all ages.

3. Karen (36%)

Last but certainly not least of the top 3 is Karen, who made me come to fear and respect the simple toothbrush. If that scene isn’t what boosted her to this spot, perhaps it’s her ponytail, her sense of justice, or her bro-con tendencies. Regardless, she’s an entertaining addition to Araragi’s harem and I am very glad that something like 70% of Nisemonogatari was spent on her arc.

Thanks to all voters who participated in the polls. Until next time.

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