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Published on February 15th, 2013 | by clazy


Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei Crossover Game for WiiU

[Youtube Link]

I was super excited for this when I first saw it and thought of the crazy possibilities of gameplay. And then I heard that it’s for the WiiU. “…well, shit…” immediately crossed my mind. I’m already trying to move away from console gaming so I guess this is just not on the menu for me; but who knows. I pretty much bought a 3DS for the new Fire Emblem (and Pokemon), so perhaps a WiiU will be in my life in the future as well. But, for a second, think of the possibilities! I wouldn’t mind it based off of either game’s gameplay and if it’s a mix of both, then… well, shoot me in the gut and call me swiss cheese, because that just sounds like a fun and interesting game.

Speaking of Fire Emblem, anyone else having shitloads of fun playing Awakening on 3DS? I know I am! In fact, I got that FE:A blue 3DS with it preinstalled; I’m not regretting a single cent. Maybe I’ll do a proper review of it in it’s own post but there literally is not enough time in the day. Sleep is for the weak anyway. It got a rave review over at Kotaku as well, so by all means if you’re on the edge of getting a 3DS or FE:A, just do it.


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