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Published on December 24th, 2011 | by clazy


Mahou Sensei Negima – Ch. 346, 347

Negi fighting Ku was pretty short and lame. But wow, Yuuna’s gun is boss. Everyone in Negi’s class is getting pretty damn charged up for the final fight; I bet her artifact will play a big part in the next arc just like how what’s her face’s Natsumi’s invisibility allowed them to sneak into Fate’s last boss area. On that note I really would’ve liked to see the cheer squad get a pactio card; it would’ve been a aoe buff anyway since they’re cheerleaders (aka dancer class). Kakizaki’s too pure I guess… lol jk definitely not.

Best part of the chapter was Chachamaru and Chiu-sama fighting it out over Negi and calling each other some funny-ass names. Chacha is really getting to become one of my favorite characters… but Chisame is a Narusegawa-clone so… I really can’t choose. The satellite cannon is pretty damn useful though; blowing away clothes anywhere you want, now that’s stepping it up Akamatsu. I would’ve blogged that image instead but it was a little too criminal. Chisame’s costume wins so I guess I’ll cheer for her.


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