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Published on December 12th, 2011 | by clazy


Mahou Sensei Negima – Ch. 345 Crazy Sports Festival Antics

Ayaka is getting some nice screen time, she sure deserves it with that shota-complex face.

345 chapters and this is the first sports festival. Props to Akamatsu for not needing to use this generic school event in a “school” manga for three-hundred forty five chapters. Impressive. Actually, its really hard to believe that all this happened in a year or so in the Negima timeline. Negi powered up that much? What the hell, he couldn’t even take out Takahata like half a year ago (in manga time). Talk about DBZ-esque power ups… lol.

Anyway, its nice to have some comedic filler again. Watching the 3-A girls trying to capture an immortal Negi should be pretty entertaining. Considering that magic is still supposed to be a secret, the girls are using their magic artifacts pretty liberally. So much for that, looks like Chao’s plan worked after all. And hopefully Asuna doesn’t have to go into her 100 year sleep for a while, so the fun antics can keep going. It’s hard to see when the next critical event in the plot will come next, but the evil will definitely be coming from the Mage of the Beginning guy/Negi’s dad (if it actually is him). My call is that it probably is Negi’s dad, or a fragment of him at least.

Negima’s getting pretty close to the 10 year mark anyway… I wonder how much longer Akamatsu is going to drag it out. Seeing as how he has limitless potential with time skips and the like, he could keep it going for a while. He could even bring it full circle and include Chao’s point of view with her huge change history plan. I really can’t see him going that far, though.



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