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Published on March 12th, 2013 | by clazy


Akamatsu-sensei’s New Manga Project Starting this Summer!

ANN link.

Well it’s about damn time! Actually not really, I bet with all that hefty income from his previous hits (Love Hina and MSN) he could probably live pretty well for a while without drawing if he invests and budgets well; Love Hina got an anime, Negima got 2 seasons, OVAs, a live-action drama, and a spin-off manga. But as a big fan of his previous work, I’m excited to see what direction he goes with his new project. He’s been pretty invested into harem-types, so it’s hard to tell if he will continue the trend after committing to it for so long. Especially since Negima got pretty action-packed once Negi got all powered up and shit, I wonder if his next work will continue to have large-panel-action-scenes as well… tbh, that Negi vs Takahata was one of my favorite fight reads ever so I kind of hope he does include some sort of fighting aspect to his new project. Love Hina on the other hand was much more romantic-comedy centered. He’ll most likely combine a wide array of shonen aspects; nonetheless, it’ll be quite a feat to have three big hits in a row.


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