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Published on October 10th, 2007 | by clazy


Prism Ark – 01

Well, all that happens is a flashback to Pricia’s childhood days, and and Hayawei’s party gets attacked by a church nun named Ciel. Just kidding, her name is Sister Hell. She’s apparently the most moe girl because of her epic tattered nun costume. Holy shit and she has red panties. Awesome. Anyway, since there’s really not much to summarize, I’ll just introduce characters. It seems like the main male character/protagonist is named Hayawei. He has a ridiculous sword that summons a wind god or something and in typical shoujo/shounen fashion, it’s pretty much a one hit kill against the enemy. He’s also voiced by the same guy as Simon from Gurren lagann fame. Auto-ownage. The main girl’s name is Pricia… Purishia… Prishia. Well, whatev, she had a childhood crush on this blue haired kid, but she moved away with her little brother and they promised that to meet again, they would become knights. Well, unfortunately, her little brother Hans died. How sad. They lead a group that goes around killing enemies or something, and the entire party is girls except for Hayawei. Btw, this was a hentai game made into an anime adaption. So, expect panty shots everywhere. There will be a port to the PS2 later, but the adult content will be taken out.

Anyway, their party members:
Kagura: The token girl who doesn’t speak much but owns with her magic and archery skills.
Fel: Wtf. I think she’s a real Mahou Shoujo that has ice powers and shoots snowflakes out of her giant rod.
Karin Mibu: Epic sword girl with Shinsengumi clothes.

Most epic church person ever

Mediocre. The only things that I found attractive were the flashy fighting, and the epic church girl. But, it’s only a first episode, and a person can never base any feelings on an anime just by watching the first episode. For example: Haruhi. Too bad everyone references that when they talk about not basing all thoughts on an anime just by watching the first episode. I’m better. I’ll talk about NHK ni Youkoso. That first episode so was damn leet with its’ puru puru pu ru rin pururin. But, you know what, it sucked ass overall. Well, there are special cases: Gurren Lagann’s first episode was awesome and every episode was ridiculously great, except for Simon’s emo phase.

Anyway, I’ll continue to watch this, and perhaps blog this… but why the hell does it play on monday. Who watches anime on monday?! Japanese have school, and I have school, and I’m damn busy. Hellgate London is taking up like half my nights too! lol.


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