Zetsuen no Tempest – 08-11

I’ve neglected Zetsuen no Tempest for far too long, but with the everyone’s cards finally out on the table, I feel it’s a good place to step back in before the winner has been decided. Seeing as it had taken up the majority of the past few episodes, I wanted to focus on the exchange between Samon and Yoshino. But first, please allow me to take a moment to give mad props to ZnT’s writer, Kyo Shirodaira for his brilliant work on these past few episodes. Well done indeed.

Before we go into the nitty gritty of the argument, lets lay out the main discussion points so far:

  • Samon announces that Hakaze is not just stranded on an island, she is also trapped 2 years in the past.
  • Yoshino theorizes that Samon put Hakaze to sleep for 2 years before leaving her on the island, effectively creating the illusion of a time gap.
  • Samon refutes this claim, and proves that the time gap is indeed real by having Hakaze carve a word into the wooden barrel. The word Hakaze carves appears on the barrel in the present.
  • Yoshino learns from Hakaze that communication through time requires two objects with similar shape and form, and the object must be imbued with some part of the spell caster’s body.
  • Mashiro points out that Hakaze’s skeleton perfectly fits the required criteria of an object for time travel.
  • Yoshino is worried about the time paradox created by Hakaze’s departure from the island. Mashiro responds by telling Hakaze to leave her skeleton on the island, and transport the rest of her body onto her skeleton in the present.
  • Samon admits that Mashiro’s method is the correct way to break out of the time prison, but points out that it was the Tree of Genesis that caused Aika’s death in the first place. Yoshino responds by saying that it would never have happened if Samon hadn’t put her on the island.
  • The results of the murder investigation come in. The murderer was not someone from the Kusaribe Clan.

Yoshino is an amazingly crafty bastard. Regardless of his lack of magical knowledge, he was able to best Samon who had spent years preparing for this very day (although, the Tree of Genesis’ blessing certainly didn’t hurt). I find it interesting that the Tree of Genesis, which values logic above all else, put its faith into Yoshino. This is mostly due to the fact that his tools of choice are blackmailing and bluffing, possibly the most illogical and chaotic methods of winning an argument. Regardless, they ended up working out splendidly against Samon.

Yoshino put himself into an unbeatable position after he came up with the theory that Samon put Hakaze to sleep for those two years. If his theory was right, Hakaze would be freed and the Tree of Genesis would be victorious. If his theory was wrong, Samon would be forced to divulge important information in order to convince Mashiro, allowing Yoshino to break the time prison and free Hakaze. Samon’s last hope was the identity of Aika’s murderer, but another twist was thrown in when it was revealed that none of the Kusaribe Clan were responsible, AND that it may have been a mage from the Tree of Exodus instead. Not having the murderer’s identity is bad enough for Samon, but finding out that the actual culprit could be a result of the Tree of Exodus? Simply put, he is doomed.

With Hakaze’s revival almost guaranteed, it will be interesting to see just how the tides will turn in the battle of the two trees.


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