Zetsuen no Tempest – 07

I’m so glad I was wrong about this episode. It turns out that Mahiro didn’t make any moves on Aika, and even Yoshino didn’t get a chance to kiss her. The crisis has been averted, for now… Just in time too, as the pair will definitely need each other’s help in the upcoming battle with the Kusaribe Clan.

Moving on, I’m happy we finally got a chance to see a little more of Aika’s personality. But to me, she’s still an enigma. Like Mahiro said, it really is impossible to read her or to predict her plans, which result in a lot of questions:

Why did she make an advance on Mahiro, even when she was dating Yoshino?
Perhaps she knew that he would chicken out. But, what did she gain from that?

Why was Aika so determined to hide her relationship with Yoshino?
I have a little speculation on this one. I’m thinking that the main reason was to preserve Yoshino’s friendship with Mahiro. It’s hinted that she’s somehow related to the Kusaribe Clan so it’s not completely wrong to think that she could have known what the future held, and the important role that Mahiro and Yoshino would play in it.

Lastly, why did Aika pull back from the kiss at the last second? What was the significance of the sunflowers?
I have no idea about this one, we’ll just have to wait and see.

All in all a very solid episode. Next week will hopefully make up for the lack of action in the past few eps.


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