Zetsuen no Tempest – 06

Damn, shit is going to go down so hard next week.

This episode started off a little slow and I was convinced that I would just be fed information the whole time. But then the kidnapping happened, which introduced a whole new twist to the plot. At this point I was like, “Alright, that was kind of dick, but they can still be friends”. But nope, in the last minute ZnT dropped a huge bomb that will 100% guarantee some sort of fallout between the two. Not telling your best bro that you’re dating his sister is bad, but it’s even worst when you find out that he’s dating her too. Granted, she’s not related to Mahiro by blood, but I still find it a little odd.

I also find the whole Yoshino teaming up with the military thing to be really out of place. I mean really, what was the actual purpose of any of that? Hardly any information was exchanged, and nothing about the “deal” Yoshino made with them was revealed. The only thing that really happened was an exchange of magic talismans for a gun and grenades (I’d take magic over guns any day). Perhaps flashbangs are super-effective against mages or they will become some super clutch, life-saving plot device sometime in the near future.

Lastly, I still have no idea what the actual importance of Hakaze’s skeleton is, and was really disappointed that absolutely no light was shed on it. There’s no doubt that it will one day be important, but for now it just detracts from everything else happening. I guess you could say that one of my qualms was the lack of focus in this episode. Too many things going on at once, and nothing really gets explained. But, despite all of that it was still pretty good.

Some major dramas are heading our way soon. Can’t wait.


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