Zetsuen no Tempest – 05

Ugh… just when I thought that some questions would finally be answered, a million more get thrown into the pile. It’s obvious now that Aika’s death has everything to do with the events unfolding in the present. The question is what exactly her death was for, assuming that “everything has a reason”. Yoshino’s hunch that she died so that Mahiro would be able to save the world sounds plausible, but my gut tells me that there is much more to it than just that. And what was up with the skull at the end? I’m not sure where the story is trying to get at yet, but it seems as if either Hakaze is actually dead (that skull being part of her remains) or somehow they faked her death with an elaborate illusion. However, at this point in time the latter seems much more likely.

So far I’m really digging just about everything this anime has to offer. The plot flows smooth like butter, and the flashbacks shown throughout the episode were amazingly relevant and insightful. Personally, I enjoy the various allusions that Zetsuen no Tempest makes to Shakespeare literature, and I find that the symphonic soundtrack played throughout the series fits this theme perfectly.

And let’s not forget Hakaze’s embarrassed face, or the secret password.

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