Zetsuen no Tempest – 04

I’m really glad that Zetsuen took time off from the main story line to flesh out its characters a bit more. It was a risky investment that I feel paid off big time and really brought more life to the two protagonists.

Until now, the dynamic between Yoshino and Mahiro was a bit hard to get a grasp around from the audience’s point of view. One had to wonder just how the somewhat unremarkable Yoshino became friends with the brash, and spontaneous Mahiro; personalities that meshed as well as oil and water. Unsurprisingly, Yoshino explains that he was at first forced to associate himself with Mahiro by his elementary school teacher. However, after they discovered the truth behind Mahiro’s accident, their fates slowly began to intertwine.

Mahiro viewed Yoshino as a type of person that he could take advantage of and boss around, hence ordering him to do the investigation, get the phone, etc. That all changed when Yoshino got him back in the most subtle, yet devestating way: by targeting the class’ image of him and making them think he was actually a good guy. From that point on Mahiro knew that Yoshino was not someone to be trifled with, which led to a feeling of mutual respect between the two. Respect is the key between their relationship, as each is fully aware of what the other is capable of. To them, it was much easier to become friends then it would have been to exchange blows.

After thinking about it, Yoshino and Mahiro are actually very similar to each other. Both have a strong sense of justice and are motivated by similar desires. However, while Yoshino tends to act from the shadows in a calculating fashion, Mahiro opts for the direct approach.

Any doubts that I have had about this show completely evaporated by the end of this episode, and I am sure that Zetsuen no Tempest is heading in the right direction.


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