Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta – 03


Touka once again loses control of her powers and accidentally launches a coffee table across the room in excitement after Akina offers to cook for her. Kyosuke immediately reprimands her for her lack of control and sends her home.

On her walk back Touka notices a car barreling down the road, right towards Mina and Kana. She quickly jumps into the car’s path to shield the kids, but her lack of control over her powers causes her to crush the two children in her arms, seemingly killing them.

Fortunately, Mina and Kana are okay, and reveal themselves to be vampires. However, Kyosuke is still upset over his sister’s dilemma and takes it out on Akina.

Akina later confronts Kyosuke and the two battle out their frustrations with each other.


That scene was pretty gruesome.

Seeing little kids necks getting snapped is never really a good thing. Fortunately they were vampires, but that still had to hurt pretty badly.

Watching Touka lose control of her powers really hits home with the struggles that she and many other Youkai face by living in the human world. This plays nicely into the moral struggle that Akina faces as the sole user of the inherited tuning ability. Should he send the Youkai back to their own world? Or can he leave things as they are?

Akina himself hasn’t come to an answer yet. Deep down, he knows that sending the Youkai off is the logical thing to do, but he confesses to Kyosuke that he’s too selfish to give up on any of his friends, hence the creation of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office.

Without really knowing what happens to people that get “tuned”, tuning is essentially murder. And for that reason, I can understand Akina’s decision to take the moral high ground despite all the problems that Youkai are capable of creating in the human world. He wants everyone to come out winners, but that probably won’t turn out to be a realistic goal.


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