Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta – 02


The girls head off to school while the rest of the gang heads back to the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. A member from the Senate, Shidare, comes by to pick up the health certificates for the new demon citizens of the town.

Meanwhile, Kotoha and Hime have a sparing contest outside. Lily appears and recites a passage from an old book which causes Kotoha’s powers to go berserk, resulting in her summoning a number of military grade weapons. In order to stop her rampage, Ao kisses her while Yae makes quick work of the lightning hands coming down from the sky.


I’ve been preoccupied with Pokemon X for the better part of this past holiday weekend (Discover’s Day ftw!), and so I apologize for my lack of coverage on the weekend shows. Stayed up wayyy too late last night trying to find a freaking Eevee only to one shot it with a critical hit. -__- I ended up relying solely on a hoard of Ultra Balls and Thunder Wave to finally nab one. Now I finally have a Jolteon for the electric spot on my team! BOOM. TLDR: Gen 6 is freaking fun and a vast improvement in every way over the past iterations of Pokemon. Go buy it. Now.

Now, moving on to Yozakura…

I really am growing quite fond of this series. The pacing is perfect. So much is going on simultaneously in this episode and yet it never feels rushed. They show exactly what we need to see, and leave the extraneous portions out. The little hints given out here and there are enough for the viewer to discern certain things without explanations or long-winded dialogue.

Examples include:
Allusion to the fact that Kotoha is in a lesbian relationship with Ao.

Love triangle between Hime, Touka, and Akina.

Ao’s brother is dead or missing.

Kotoha and Touka both went berserk in the past. Touka wears bracelets to suppress her oni powers.

Obvious stuff I know. But we found this all out without someone blatantly reciting it to our faces, freeing up more time for other stuff. EFFICIENCY AT ITS BEST.

I also like the decision of non-linear storytelling in which we get to see from the perspectives of different groups of characters during a particular time span, and see how they all link together in the end. Nothing new of course, but still a cool method of storytelling.

Compared to the first episode, this one was a lot more laid back (understandable considering that last ep. was essentially a complete arc in and of itself) but, it made up for it with a boat load of fan service. Dem boob grabs and panty shots everywhere. The sparing scene between Kotoha and Hime was also a short, but sweet treat for the eyes.

Good shit man, good shit. Yozakura Quartet is currently tied with KnK & Kill la Kill as my favorite Fall show as of this week. It’s a close race, but we shall see how it all pans out in the following weeks.


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