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Published on December 4th, 2011 | by clazy


Working – 10


Inami punching antics cause her to get tired after trying to resist punching both Satou and Takanashi in the same day. She takes a nap in the break room and Takanashi takes his chance to pat her head while she’s sleeping. He gets caught however, and Inami is so startled she runs away and takes a a break from work and school. Worried, Takanashi visits as Kotori-chan as to not cause any misunderstandings with her parents. They work out the mess and Takanashi gets her phone number in order to stay more in touch. Inami’s mom guesses correctly that Takanashi is actually a guy, but doesn’t pry into it realizing its for her daughter’s fear of men.


Inami’s mom is hawt. Seriously Takanashi should’ve looked at Inami’s mom and been like wtf Inami’s family ages well and Inami will pretty much look the same in 20+ years, I should just go for her already. But, I guess even a teen is too old for him. Popura is a better choice anyway, you can play with her hair that has the strength to hold up a large sign.

Rofl at the Takanashi petting Inami scene as well… he almost catches his perverted antics too! But, just can’t hold back and pats her. I think it was inevitable he was going to get caught. It doesn’t look like he ever wants to stop petting someone once he starts, although its mainly Popura that he pets. I liked how there was a general employee meeting about it afterwards as well.

Yamada’s “texting” corner of the whiteboard was pretty hilarious imo. Being homeless sucks! No substantial income for iphone data plans? Unthinkable! meh, technology is getting closer to Guilty Crown holographic tablets anyway so whatever, I bet homeless will be able to afford a cell phone soon into the future. Along with a bike and a tent for shelter.

But really though… MILF



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