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Published on December 4th, 2011 | by clazy


Working’! – 09

I now realize that the apostrophe in the second season name is a tag reminding everyone that if you’re powerful or running away like Kyouko or Yamada, you don’t need to work. But really though, the 2nd half of the episode focusing on Yamada was pretty funny. Especially her Takanashi name calling, she really hit him hard with some of those: crossdresser, lolicon, pervert, but the best has to be Kotori. Even though there’s always him dressed up as a girl in photos, I’m starting to think like Popura and really want him to crossdress again. Although its for comedic reasons and not to become taller, lol.

The scene with the twins and Kozue had gaijin 4-koma written all over it.



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