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Working!! – 08


Takanashi is appalled at the fact his cute little sister Nazuna is the same height as him and will soon join the ranks of his older sisters. To cope with it, he asks Popura to be his little sister for a day, which she reluctantly agrees. The other co-workers notice this and feel the need to comfort Takanashi: Kyouko even gives him less shifts in order to relax a bit. Inami also wants to help him feel better and Souma offers to help in trying to convey her feelings to him. It turns out to be a fail until his last advice, which is to give Takanashi a baby pic of Inami. Takanashi can’t believe how incredibly cute she was back then and Inami can’t believe he’s saying that she’s cute. So much so that she records his voice and plays it to herself throughout the night. Takanashi overhears how worried his co-workers are over his state of mind and resolves to get better.

The next day, the male Yamada visits Wagnaria to ask Inami to help him look for his sister. Takanashi confronts him about causing trouble at work, but ends up allowing him to look around. Souma notices the similarity between the 2 Yamadas and sends female Yamada off on an impossible errand: to acquire shambalile. She has no idea what it is and ends up crying at the supermarket asking for some shambalile. Because of this, the 2 Yamadas don’t meet. One week later, Souma takes Yamada out on a shopping spree with the intent of keeping the 2 Yamadas from meeting even though they nearly do several times at the mall. Souma manages to keep them apart, however the real reason is unknown.


Wow, the comedy from these past 2 weeks have been absolutely stunning. Souma wins this week for the best pranks ever. Shambalile and his baby picture of Inami stole the show. I don’t know why but seeing Yamada actually go to try to find shambalile hit me like a truck. I couldn’t stop laughing when she was was forced outside by Souma and later when she was crying at the super market.

Inami is damn crazy though for wanting Takanashi to call her cute to that extent and replaying a recording of it the entire night, *shucka*shucka*shucka* I bet.

Satou’s face after protecting Yachiyo from male Yamada was classic.

I wonder why Souma didn’t allow the 2 Yamadas to meet though. He probably has a better reason other than just “for fun” like when he gave out Takanashi’s cross dressing photo to the male Yamada. When they do meet I’m sure some shit is going to go down! Although I’m 95% sure that not much will change and she will still be living in the attic, not wanting to go home. I think this is the first time I actually enjoyed Yamada’s character in any episode, including the first season. Of course, shambalile was the best part, but her scenes with Souma at the mall were still pretty enjoyable, I’d say. Albeit a little drawn out and much longer than needed to be.

Also, best screenshot ever:

It’s the tongue that made me laugh. Shambalile.


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