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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by clazy


Working – 07 Best Episode Yet


Inami thinks she meets Yamada’s brother who is looking for her runaway sister on her way to work one day. He’s the captain of his Karate club at school so he’s able to block her punches and wants to meet up with him after confirming that Yamada is actually his sister. She goes to work planning on telling everyone but Takanashi says that Yamada (girl)’s name is definitely a fake name so its probably not her. She meets up with Yamada (boy) the next day and he asks if she could help him find her. Takanashi catches glimpse of the 2 of them talking normally and goes into a deep depression. He’s wondering why he’s so saddened after seeing Inami with another guy and realizes that he’s the M in S&M, which he denies and rejects.


This has to be the most I laughed in a while at this show, Inami’s “friends” were hilarious, sending off Inami to dispatch of a molester. And then their reactions to how she befriended him instead were great as well. I liked how Satou rationalized how only Popura would be in danger of a molester: Inami’s too strong, Yachiyo has a sword, and Yamada is Yamada. Yamada’s brother is weird just like she is though; they’ve gotta be siblings. I wonder why both picked Yamada as a fake name though… it is pretty common though.

I felt sorry for Takanashi when his sister was surprised he only realized he was mazo now. I always thought he was a diligent hard-working lolicon all this time, I never would’ve guessed he was mazo, lol. Considering the way he was raised though, with 3 demanding sisters, probably would’ve done it. It was pretty funny seeing Popura’s ability to tell somethings wrong with Katanashi through his petting. That wins cutest part of the episode, but a close runner up was Takanashi covered with happy meal toys and Kyouko grabbing Popura to cheer him up.

Because everyone knows that everything’s better with stuffed animals.

Satou coughing at the end was lol. He wasn’t prepared for that at all.



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