Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui – 01


As a huge fan of the manga series, I was actually pretty excited about it getting an anime adaptation. This first episode started the show off with a bang, showing off all over Kuroki’s deficiencies: pervert who plays eroge, incredibly introverted, desperate to get popular, and terrible at even the smallest of conversation. The OP song is absolutely amazing, I’ve replayed it at least four to five times before moving onto the rest of the episode. I’m sure the ED song will grow on me too, that off-key singing fits so well with the mood of the show and I actually kind of like the song.

Whenever her brother speaks though I can’t shake the image of Kousaka Kyousuke out of my head… he’s still fresh on my mind from OreImo last season. It’s pretty funny how both Kuroki siblings have huge bags under their eyes. “Fish eyed” Hachiman would be proud. Speaking of Hachiman, Tomoyo has a pretty similar negative view of the world, although she doesn’t go as far he does to philosophically rationalize it. Plus Tomoyo actually does want to fit in, unlike Hachiman, and researches the latest trends, but fails miserably in executing them. The over-the-top action sequence of her browsing the internet seemed like a minor reference to Death Note, but maybe I’m looking too deep into it.

Can’t wait for more beautiful cringe out of this show! Let the awkwardness take over!!

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