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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by clazy


Watamote – 07


Tomoko… I don’t even… holy shit.

Well this was a pretty eventful (sorta) episode; it certainly highlighted Tomoko’s further descent into the world of depravity for one, and it also showed how much work she got done in the first month of her summer vacay – which is absolutely nothing. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say nothing. For someone like her with such a fear of social interactions, she did pretty well; she was able to make it all the way out to a handshake event with one of her favorite eroge voice actors (lol) and she almost, emphasis on almost, started her own live stream to talk to people on the interwebs…
… but she chickened out once she imagined people bashing her… ( ._. )

But these strides in socializing were ultimately a huge step backwards, unfortunately… the reason she pushed herself out to the handshake event was so that she could record him saying pretty ridiculous lines (for her personal enjoyment). Epic lols when she decided to voice act her own lines into her self-made narrative, and even more hilariousness when she realizes her headphones are plugged into the wrong jack and her mom walks in on her roleplaying recording session.

*sigh* If you can relate to this episode, then that’s really impressive.


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