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Published on August 13th, 2013 | by clazy


Watamote – 06


Oh Tomoko… You never cease to amaze us all with your awkwardness and inability to socialize. She really should just become a cradle robber and get into shota; she had a much easier time talking to those kids peeping on the love hotel than anyone else in the show (outside of her family and Yuu-chan, of course). Then after getting more comfortable, she can upgrade to guys her age! So simple! lol.

Anyway, this episode was just alright… there was nothing really exceptionally funny… although I do recall the manga being much more explicit in the fact that she was masturbating in order to get rid of the bags under her eyes, thereby looking “cuter” (but then she took it too far by staying up so late that she just got all nasty). I did like how the anime portrayed her greasy, oily hair showing that she didn’t bathe, lmao.

Can’t wait for next episode!! It’s the summer vacay of unpopularism!!


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