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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by clazy


Watamote – 04


How to rate your womanly appeal according to Tomoko:
1. How many times you’ve been molested on the train
2. How much you spend on your underwear

…pretty much correct and even applies to guys. LOL jk.

This was a pretty good episode that continued to build upon Kuroki’s messed up thought processes; but what it really did was that it highlighted her god-like level of bad luck. I mean, c’mon… Such a bad run for her this episode: raped by a naginata on the train while wondering what it would be like to get molested, then forgetting her new panties in her pocket and accidentally get seen using them as a hankerchief, and to top it all off, she fell to new lows with her dad finding her passed out in her room with her vibrator massager still buzzing while playing BL eroge. So pitiful! I bet she gets to the Saimoe quarterfinals on pity votes alone!



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  1. Jo says:

    I pity her sometimes, but sometimes she deserves what she gets, with those warped ideas and notions of hers. I did find that last part touching, if assuming her father did not see less of her, when her dad tucked her to bed and perhaps not minding the crazy things her daughter does, truly a loving father.

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