Watamote – 03


Once again, Kuroki manages to get maximum output of awkwardness in any given situation outside of her comfort zone, which consists solely of talking to her family and one middle school friend. I vaguely recall the rainy day park scene in the manga, but oh man… it was pretty sad seeing her fail to break the ice with a joke; shit they couldn’t even hear her whimpering voice in the pounding rain. The scenes with her little brother are probably the most hilarious, I think for me. She just fucks with him for the fun of it, and his reactions are just amazing. She didn’t even bother to wring out the towel and just slapped it on his head! And she woke him up by pouring hot okayu on his face! Fuckin’ lol. I can’t wait for when her little brother ends up going to the same high school as Tomoko and the sibling silliness that ensues. This episode hinted at her little brother actually being normal and relatively popular; I can’t wait until her jealously starts to take hold.

And holy shit, Tomoko in her imaginary sniper version was hawt. Hilariously, she didn’t lose the dark bags under her eyes even in delusion mode. *sigh* She’s going to wreck Saimoe this year, calling it now… lmao.


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