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Published on June 24th, 2013 | by clazy


There’s No Way Super Angel Ayase-tan Would Come to My House and Take Care of Me – 12


Well, fuck. Yandere Ayase turns out to be the best route of them all; too bad her arc lasted all of one episode, reminding me a lot of the first season of Clannad where the Kyou arc was literally one episode (the rest of the time was Kyou focusing on Ryou, if I recall correctly).

OreImo’s last few episodes have been really entertaining, and I’ve really gotten into this show recently. Now I’m really looking forward to the last episode and other OVAs. Anyway, back to this episode: seeing all of Kyousuke’s routes gather for his house-warming party was pretty amazing. I’m sure Kyousuke having a bunch of girls who’ve never interacted with each other start to fight over him was sheer perfection for him. Kanako arguing with Kuroneko was great but when Saori joined in the fray, I just lost it. She even knows her clique and flaunts her ojou-sama appeal with the “power of money.”

Ayase, though… oh man, her confession scene was… oh man. We all knew he was going to reject her but still, it was pretty touching and her “I’ll kill you” was absolutely great. Especially with the jig-saw puzzle ED + Ayase song at the end, this was one entertaining episode to say the least.

As for next episode, I guess Kyousuke got all A’s then? I wonder what he’ll make Kirino do for their bet.


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