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Published on August 29th, 2013 | by clazy


Sundays Without A God – 08


“The Godforsaken Sundays” sounds much cooler… But then I wouldn’t be able to use the acronym SWAG. So torn :-/

Anyway, at least this boring ass school arc is over. I can’t believe the climax of the arc was getting blind girl to join the escape and seeing Alis’ skill, Buzzer Beater, in action. I guess having perfect aim is pretty cool though. It’s a much better ability than those weird (but hawt) blonde twins… or triplets, whatever. I liked how Yuri just so happened to be there at their escape right when they needed a ride. So fuckin’ convenient, holy shit. And his bus/van has the perfect amount of space for everyone to sit comfortably! He’s gotta be psychic or something… that timing was just uncanny.

I realize this arc was important so that Alis and Ai could meet, but damn it was boring as hell. Next episode looks like things actually happen… hopefully… as they visit the “birthplace of gravekeepers,” whatever that means. Plus in the episode preview, it sounded like Humpnie gets to reappear as a ghost or in a vision or something since his voice actor was talking. Humpnie is so goddamn GAR.


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  1. Leerin Gray says:

    I didn’t mind the episode. But WHERE IN THE WORLD DID SCAR AND ULLA’S SISTER GO! I wonder if Ulla’s sister will be able to revive people. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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