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Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tamako, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 a cheerful girl whose parents own a Mochi shop, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 one day finds a talking bird while checking out flowers. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 She has a younger sister named Anko (as in the bean paste often found in mochi) and she gets along with everyone in the shopping district where she lives. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 She has a childhood friend named Mochizou (lol) who is the son of the competing Mochi Shop right across the small road. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 He has an obvious crush on Tamako but it doesn’t seem that she realizes it.

Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tamako ends up bringing the bird home, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 who instantly surprises everyone with its ability to hold conversation. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 It introduces itself as Tera-Mochi-Mazze which pisses off Tamako’s dad because his name loosely means he’s going to “mess up” all the mochi. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 The bird ends up following Tamako and Anko to the bathhouse where he sees Tamako changing and gets a bloody nose prompting Mochizou to force the bird to live with him in order to protect Tamako. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tamako is in the Baton Twirling club (I guess Rhythmic Gymnastics) at her school, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Usagiyama, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 with her friends Midori and Kanna.

Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 With Tamako’s birthday coming up soon, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 it seems that it is a pretty big event since all the nearby shop owners are planning a party for her. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Meanwhile, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tamako is searching for a song that her mother used to sing at the record/coffee shop, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 but hasn’t been able to find it. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 She reveals that her mom died when she was in the 5th grade; Tori feels bad and offers his condolences. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tamako’s birthday party is interrupted by Tori choking on a mochi ball, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 but it turns out he just passed out due to the deliciousness in a Yakitate Japan-like fashion. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 The commotion causes everyone to forget to give her their birthday presents, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 which seems like a regular occurrence. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 There seems to be more to Tori then meets the eye.


Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Well, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 KyoAni’s next original project finally arrives and I can’t really say much about it that it just seems like a feel-good show. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 It’s certainly more on the K-ON side of things where a decent deal of air time is spent on the girls just hanging out acting cute: like getting hit in the head by a badminton birdie. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 The animation character designs remind me more of K-ON than Hyouka or Chuu2, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 but the background ambiance, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 I feel, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 reminds me more of Hyouka with several surreal images of the city. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 However, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 not so much with the shopping district’s colorful stores.

Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Tori’s voice actor… OH GOD words cannot describe my lols. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 I can’t shake the fact that he sounds exactly like how he did in Fate/Zero as Kayneth, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 Lancer’s master. Vigora 50mg pills $122.00 But I’ll get over it, vigora 50mg pills $122.00 dat bird seems like a pretty likable character.

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  1. exo says:


    On a side note, that bird is freaking hilarious. 

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  2. All Fiction says:

    I want to Kiritsugu the little bird.

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