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Tamako, a cheerful girl whose parents own a Mochi shop, one day finds a talking bird while checking out flowers. She has a younger sister named Anko (as in the bean paste often found in mochi) and she gets along with everyone in the shopping district where she lives. She has a childhood friend named Mochizou (lol) who is the son of the competing Mochi Shop right across the small road. He has an obvious crush on Tamako but it doesn’t seem that she realizes it.

Tamako ends up bringing the bird home, who instantly surprises everyone with its ability to hold conversation. It introduces itself as Tera-Mochi-Mazze which pisses off Tamako’s dad because his name loosely means he’s going to “mess up” all the mochi. The bird ends up following Tamako and Anko to the bathhouse where he sees Tamako changing and gets a bloody nose prompting Mochizou to force the bird to live with him in order to protect Tamako. Tamako is in the Baton Twirling club (I guess Rhythmic Gymnastics) at her school, Usagiyama, with her friends Midori and Kanna.

With Tamako’s birthday coming up soon, it seems that it is a pretty big event since all the nearby shop owners are planning a party for her. Meanwhile, Tamako is searching for a song that her mother used to sing at the record/coffee shop, but hasn’t been able to find it. She reveals that her mom died when she was in the 5th grade; Tori feels bad and offers his condolences. Tamako’s birthday party is interrupted by Tori choking on a mochi ball, but it turns out he just passed out due to the deliciousness in a Yakitate Japan-like fashion. The commotion causes everyone to forget to give her their birthday presents, which seems like a regular occurrence. There seems to be more to Tori then meets the eye.


Well, KyoAni’s next original project finally arrives and I can’t really say much about it that it just seems like a feel-good show. It’s certainly more on the K-ON side of things where a decent deal of air time is spent on the girls just hanging out acting cute: like getting hit in the head by a badminton birdie. The animation character designs remind me more of K-ON than Hyouka or Chuu2, but the background ambiance, I feel, reminds me more of Hyouka with several surreal images of the city. However, not so much with the shopping district’s colorful stores.

Tori’s voice actor… OH GOD words cannot describe my lols. I can’t shake the fact that he sounds exactly like how he did in Fate/Zero as Kayneth, Lancer’s master. But I’ll get over it, dat bird seems like a pretty likable character.


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  1. exo says:


    On a side note, that bird is freaking hilarious. 

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  2. All Fiction says:

    I want to Kiritsugu the little bird.

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