Strike the Blood – 01


Subjugated by his supplementary HW assignments, Akatsuki Koujou decides to enlist the help of one of his friends, a blonde haired beauty by the name of Asagi Aiba. However, her work shift is coming up and so they call the study session for the day.

On his way home, Akatsuki notices that he is being followed by a girl, and quickly ducks into a nearby arcade in an attempt to escape her, but the girl is persistent and he is inevitably forced to confront her. The girl refers to Akatsuki as the 4th Progenitor, which somewhat surprises Akatsuki but he quickly regains his composure and decides to play dumb.

On the way out of the shopping district, he sees his stalker getting harassed by a pair of older men and is about to step in to stop them, but the girl makes quick work of the two and escapes from their clutches. The two men turn out to be monsters, one a wolf-type and the other a vampire, and a fight ensues. The girl quickly dispatches both of them and is about the land the killing blow, but Akatsuki quickly intervenes to block the attack. The girl asks why he stopped her, and the two of them have a short argument before parting ways. As the girl is leaving, Akatsuki notices that she dropped her wallet, and learns that her name is Yukina Himeragi.

The following day, Akatsuki looks around for Yukina to return the wallet to her, and eventually runs into her in a hallway at school. She is quick to turn to violence to get her wallet back, but stops when her stomach cries out in hunger, and Akatsuki proposes that they go and grab something to eat as thanks for finding the wallet.

At a burger joint, they further discuss each other’s backgrounds and it is revealed that Yukina is a Sword Shaman sent to observe the 4th Progenitor. However, when Akatsuki tries to remember his past, he is hit with a sudden, and intense headache which forcibly stops him from recalling anything.


I’m liking this show a lot so far. Nothing too flashy (unless you count those panty shots), and yet the fight scenes were pretty cool, albeit somewhat short. Digressing a bit, but one thing revealed during the first fight scene that I did find interesting is that magic/monsters are not a hidden existence to the normal folk of this world. Usually, in these types of shows any knowledge of magical nature is reserved for only a handful of people. A small, but interesting divergence from the general philosophy of these types of shows.

Overall, the introduction to the story was presented fairly well in the first episode. Just enough background info. was given to get the gist of the plot without revealing too many details. We know that Akatsuki is the 4th Progenitor, but we don’t know how he inherited his powers, although we are given some juicy hints which seem to point to a former classmate as the cause. Likewise, we know that Yukina was sent to observe him, but the world outside of Itogami Island remains a mystery. It’s easy for storytellers to quickly get carried away with long winded explanations, especially in fictional worlds with a lot of strange terminology, and so I am thankful that Strike the Blood kept this episode fairly light.

Plot wise, I’m not expecting anything too mind blowing to happen, but this episode has assured me that Strike the Blood will most likely be a very solid action show.

On a side note, this is the second time this week where hunger stopped a fight (the first being KnK). In an argument? Take them out to lunch and suddenly everything will be cool.

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