Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu – 01, 02


Although I wanted this show to succeed (because, y’know, GAINAX), I really couldn’t get into the theme of an all girls aerosoft gun club. I’m sure it will turn out to be a relatively OK show but it’s just not my cup of tea. Looking at individual elements of the show, however, there are plenty of things to analyze and like such as MC girl’s social stigma and trying to overcome it by joining the C3 club. The “action” though? Awful. I was laughing my ass off at the entire 5 minute aerosoft battle sequence in the first episode just because of how ridiculous it was. It was really elongated for no real reason except to fill space. The piano jazz background music was a good touch but was wasted when coupled with the unimpressive aerosoft gun firing. It just made that entire sequence so… dull. They tried their best to make it super action-y but it was just silly-looking with the mini pink pellets and seemingly unnecessary crazy movements of the C3 girls. It’s all just to fuel Yura’s imagination anyway so I don’t see the big deal.

The second episode was a tad better with the introduction of the club president (voiced by the amazing Sawashiro Miyuki). The gun fight scene in this episode was a lot better, as it was set in the school’s old classroom building with long hallways and underground passageways. Plus we find out that Yura is a natural at being a sharpshooter because she is good at making musubis… really? *sigh* I mean… c’mon. I really don’t know how this show can appeal to me. I’ll give it one more episode before I drop it, for sure, but I can’t really see how aerosoft battles will ever satisfy a viewer’s craving for action and suspense. The comedy is pretty non-existent in this show as well… so all that’s left to appeal to me is some drama like if the president was moving to America, breaking up their circle, or if the club was getting disbanded or something (oh god thinking of ideas to make this show better is not working… it still wouldn’t be interesting). Maybe if the girls entered a team competition for aerosoft battles? I dunno.

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