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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by clazy


Servant x Service – 12

And as expected, the date episode was amazingly hilarious. It was even funnier that Lucy and Hasebe kept running into Chihaya and Touko throughout the day. Lucy in a one piece white skirt was pretty great, although I kind of missed her glasses look – it just fits her character as a frugal bookworm. I’m glad Hasebe agreed and bought fake glasses for her anyway. But seriously though, I want Hasebe x Lucy to happen so much more now; Lucy even realized on the date that he’s genuinely a nice guy, even though his laziness and nonchalant attitude goes against every since one of her principles. Well, seeing as how the person she’s been looking for her whole life, which drove her to become a civil servant, is Hasebe’s dad… I’m guessing the two were destined to meet…

Wait, this show was a romantic comedy all along??!? WHAAAT.


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