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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 24 [end]


The school year has finally come to a close, and the gang is at ease knowing that their precious Sakurasou is safe from demolition. However, the mood is bittersweet as Rita, Nanami, Jin, and Misaki depart from the dorm.

Sorata and Mashiro head back to the dorm after saying their farewells and find themselves alone, in a quiet and very empty Sakurasou. However, the silence is soon broken by a loud thud coming from Mashiro’s room. Sorata rushes over to find Mashiro on the ground, painting in hand. After being helped up by Sorata, Mashiro bluntly asks him for a kiss. He hesitantly agrees and the pair’s lips close in on each other… only to be catblocked by Hikari. Mashiro settles for kissing Sorata on the cheek and calls it a reservation for later.

The following year, two new residents enter Sakurasou. The first is Iori Himemiya, who got kicked out of the regular dorms for attempting to peek on the girl’s bath. He is also the younger brother of Saori (Hauhau), hence the headphones. The second student is Kanna Hase, who holds the top exam score for her year.


Two anime seasons and twenty-four episodes later, we have finally reached the conclusion of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. But really when I think about it, it didn’t feel like a conclusion at all.

What happened to Sorata and his goal of creating his own game? All we were left with was a promise that one day it would happen. Wasn’t proving that hard work pays off the whole point of the show? And what about the romance? Sorata never decided on one of the girls, and the ball could very well be in either girl’s court.

The lack of closure, coupled with the introduction of two new characters in the last episode leads me to believe that another season will be emerging pretty soon. Now, do I think that this is a good idea? Probably not. But at least Sakurasou may finally give us the ending we deserve.

7.0 – Aesthetics
Great character designs and stylistic choices, marred by frequent inconsistencies in animation quality.

5.0 – Storyline
A twist on classic growth driven storylines. Sakurasou made many promises, but in the end delivered on only a few.

7.0 – Sound
Voice acting was great, sound effects were spot on, enjoyed the OP/ED music selections and felt they were very fitting for the series.

6.0 – Execution
More times than not, Sakurasou felt like a well-polished anime. But even a Corolla in the most pristine condition can’t compete with a Lamborghini. Likewise, Sakurasou lacked the substance to truly make it a great show. However, it did what it could with what little it had, so for that I give the show credit.

6.25 – Overall
A well-polished, but otherwise generic and predictable show, held up by its interesting and well designed characters. Sakurasou isn’t something that I’d watch again, but it isn’t a show that I regret watching either.

All in all, a good 2-cour for those boring, rainy weekends when nothing else is on.

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