Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 16-17


Close, but no cigar.

Sorata finally managed to get somewhere with his game idea, and Nanami successfully completed her audition. So, what happens next? Right now, we are forced to play the waiting game to see if Nanami manages to pass her audition or not.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment and assume that Nanami was able to pass her audition. This would lead to a legitimate confession to Sorata, and open up and new scenario in which Sorata is pressured to choose between the two girls. Inversely, if she failed her audition, Nanami would withdraw from Sakurasou and return to her home. Judging by Sorata’s personality, this would probably lead to him chasing her down, cheering her up, and getting her to return to the dorm.

Regardless of the scenario, Nanami will be given a distinct advantage over Mashiro in the battle for Sorata’s love. She’ll either be able to fully express her feelings to a very willing Sorata, or have Sorata fall right into her arms. Not bad Nanami, you cunning girl you.

This will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on Mashiro, who already feels somewhat distant from Sorata and she’ll end up doing something big as a result. Maybe move back to England? Quit drawing manga because she no longer has any inspiration to base it on? Who knows, but they’ll probably be reserving this kind stuff for the finale.



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