Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 14-15


Sorata prepares for his date with Nanami, while Mashiro dresses up to go out to a classy Christmas party with her editor. He drops Mashiro off at the party then heads out to meet Nanami. After the play, Nanami confesses that she has something to tell him if she passes her audition. However, her moment with Sorata is cut sort by a phone call notifying him that Mashiro went missing from the party.

He finds Mashiro at the park, barefoot and carrying a piece of cake with her. She explains that she left the party to give him some cake because she didn’t want him to be angry at her any more. The two make up, and Nanami arrives with Sorata’s game competition letter in hand. He opens it, and is surprised to find that he passed the first round. With his confidence restored, he vows to do his best.

The trio return home to find Misaki sitting at the entrance to Sakurasou, crying. They find out from her that things didn’t go so well with Jin when she confessed to him. To make matters worse, Chihiro announces last minute that she’ll be going on a trip for the New Year’s and that everyone will be kicked out of the dorm. With no where to go, the three girls decide to stay at Sorata’s house.

During the break Sorata prepares for his presentation, Misaki attempts to sort out her feelings, Aoyama helps around the house, and Mashiro draws sketches for her new manga as well as a concept picture for Sorata’s game. When New Year’s finally arrives, the group drives out to see the sunrise, and everyone yells out their New Year’s resolutions.


Sorata’s father is freaking hilarious… That whole scene in the bathroom left me in tears. I’m glad that Sakurasou has the ability to throw out some good ‘ol humor every now and then. Although brief, it was definitely a nice change up from the usual angsty teen, awkward romance that the show normally gives us.

Other than that, nothing groundbreaking really happened within these past two episodes. Sorata is still unable to be true to his feelings, Mashiro is still Mashiro (although she is slowly starting to get it, love that is), and Aoyama once again fails to confess her feelings to Sorata.

It feels like Sakurasou is just stalling time till it can get to the big events. Namely, Sorata’s presentation, and Nanami’s audition; this is honestly why I like 1-cour better (filler is the devil!).



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