Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 13


The Cultural Festival is over, and Jin comes back with the comments from the audience that attended the Nyaboron show. The results were overwhelmingly positive, and Sorata is overjoyed. As they continue talking, Sorata reveals that he entered another game design competition as per Ryuunosuke’s suggestion. Their conversation is soon interrupted by Mashiro, Nanami, and later Misaki who presents a bento to Jin with the word “suki” inscribed in the rice.

Inspired by Misaki’s bento, Mashiro expresses a desire to learn how to cook and asks Sorata to teach her, to which he reluctantly agrees. The cooking lesson goes well at first, but Mashiro cuts her finger while learning to use a knife, and Sorata overreacts. He later comes home to find an envelope waiting for him. He quickly opens it up but is immediately devastated when he finds out that his game idea got cut from the competition. Shina happens to be there and Sorata ends up taking all of his anger out on her. Later, he encounters Nanami who presents him with two tickets to Happy White Christmas” and essentially asks him out on a date during Christmas Eve.



Sorry I missed last week’s episode, which was actually one of the best that Sakurasou has given us so far, and brought a satisfying conclusion to the Nyaboron arc. This week we are back with the second half of the series, and a brand-spanking new OP/ED (I’m a big fan of the OP, ED not so much).

So yandere… ಠ_ಠ

The hustle and bustle of the Cultural Festival has died down and things at Sakurasou have returned to a normal pace. However, this episode was far from filler, and a lot of the time was spent slowly laying the foundation for some amazing drama within the coming episodes. Sorata’s rampage on Mashiro, her subsequent depressive state, and the promise to Nanami all set the stage for a big conflict within the tragic love triangle. But really, I don’t feel at all bad about what’s coming for our dense as rock hero, Sorata.



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