Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 11


The Cutural Festival has arrived and Nyaaboron is still not finished. The whole crew is being run ragged with back to back all-nighters and Sorata is fairing the worst due to his role as director. Since Aoyama’s debut isn’t until the game is released, she decides to take over Sorata’s banana making duties to free up time for him to work on the project.

Misaki stops by with a plan to wake Sorata up through “visual stimulation”, in the form of Mashiro in a cat costume. Sorata lets his imagination run wild, but is disappointed to see her in a completely un-revealing full-body cat suit. Jin and Sorata decide to stop in enjoy an omelette before heading back to work. That night, Sorata overhears Rita talking to Mashiro’s father about their return to Europe after the Cultural Festival is over. Sorata is shocked to hear about their departure and his anxieties over Mashiro leaving begin anew.

The next day, Sorata goes over the Nyaaboron fight sequence with maid Ryuunosuke. “Dragon” explains that he was expelled from his room by Rita and forced to wear a maid uniform by Aoyama. While going through the ending scene, Sorata notes that something is missing from the game, but he can’t pinpoint it. Ryuunosuke tells him that its his responsibility as director to know what he wants and hands Sorata a flyer advertising a talk by a fabled game creator. At the presentation, he learns that in order to make a game that moves other’s hearts he must create something that first moves his own. Back at prep room, he draws inspiration on Shina’s method of drawing manga, along with his own experiences, to bring a new dimension of character to Nyaaboron. An emergency meeting is called and Sorata proposes to add love into the mix by getting the audience to yell out the name of the person they love, giving Nyaaboron the power to recover from the brink of defeat. Everyone laughs at him, but admits that his idea is perfect.

With renewed vision and focus, the team makes the final push and finishes just as dawn approaches. Everyone breaks for some much needed rest and Sorata is surprised to receive a text while laying in bed. It’s from Mashiro who asks if he is still awake. He opens his door to find her sitting on the ground, pillow in hand. She looks up from her phone and asks if she can sleep with Sorata.


Generally speaking, nothing much happened this episode with regards to the main plot line. In other words, a filler ep. However, there was a lot of set up put in place for future episodes, as well as some advancement of the subplots.

For one, we learn that Mashiro’s father is now involved in her return to Europe, and that she had already agreed to go back with Rita. Whether this is true or not is all speculation at the moment, but Sorata is not about to take chances. Although, I wish that he would just ask Mashiro if she was planning to go back, instead of causing so much unneeded anxiety. But then again, his heartache brought about the moment of inspiration he needed to bring Nyaaboron to a new level.

Next, we were given a glimpse into the complex relationship that is Jin and Misaki. We learn that Jin went out with Misaki’s sister (who looks exactly like Misaki) because he wanted to experience love with Misaki, but leave her pure at the same time. Misaki’s sister was nothing more than a substitute for the real thing. After hearing that, Misaki steels her resolve and keeps her hopes up for a future relationship.

Lastly, we saw some development in Sorata’s quest to find his calling in life. He was able to experience some personal breakthroughs, which were facilitated by Ryuunosuke, the presentation, Misaki, and by Mashiro herself. Sorata’s chances in the next game design competition are looking better and better.



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