Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 10


The day of the Cultural Festival is nearing, and the Sakurasou team is in overtime mode. Surrounded by such amazing talents like Mashiro and Misaki, Sorata can’t help but feel a little inferior. Rita’s comment on how hard it must be for Sorata to work with such people hits home and makes Sorata even more self-conscious about his contribution to the group.

After a status report by Ryuunosuke, the team realizes that they are way behind schedule and conclude that the only way for them to make the deadline is to recruit another person to help Mashiro with the artwork. Rita comes up as the only viable option. Luckily, the group runs into Rita on the way home, and Sorata is quick to ask if she would be willing to help. However, she turns them down and says that she quit painting, explaining that it was Mashiro’s overwhelming skill that pushed her to step down from the easel. Ryuunosuke steps in and basically tells Rita to stop whining, questioning her ambitions and desire to meet the expectations of others. Rita takes his words hard, and runs away in tears. Sorata, Mashiro, and Aoyama quickly give chase.

They find her on a bench in the park, soaked from the rain. Sorata comes up to her and explains that he too feels overwhelmed at times by Mashiro’s talent, but takes it as an opportunity to learn and become inspired. He explains that Rita is an important part in Mashiro’s life and that she really cares about her. Mashiro steps forward and explains how much she cared for and had fun with Rita painting for those ten years. The two share a tearful embrace and Rita apologizes for her misunderstanding.

Later, Sorata gives a successful presentation to the School Committee and their production is given the okay to be shown at the School Festival. As Sakurasou tradition dictates, the dorm holds a combined welcome/celebratory hot pot party for Rita and the group’s acceptance into the school festival. Over dinner, Rita explains to Sorata that she has not given up on taking Mashiro back with her, but she will put it on hold for now until Nyaboron is complete.


Whelp, it looks like the whole Mashiro going back to Europe conflict has been shelved for now. This week, Sakurasou decided to give us an episode of Dr. Phil Ryuunosuke. Although he was a HUGE ass to Rita and said a lot of mean, mean things, his observations pierced straight through Rita’s facade and got right to the heart of the matter. Once all of Rita’s feelings were out in the open, Sorata and Mashiro were able to tackle the problem and gradually repair the damage that had accumulated over the past ten years.

Sorata on the other hand, had some problems of his own. With his own feelings of inferiority creeping back into his consciousness, he needed the talk with Rita for him to realize that he wasn’t the only one that felt that way around people of Mashiro’s caliber. He saw that even someone as skilled at painting as Rita fell prey to the spite and hatred that accompanies jealousy, and vows to use his experiences with the residents of Sakurasou in a positive manner. His determination really showed as he gave what looked to be a fantastic presentation to an extremely large crowd, and he is slowly gaining the experience he needs to one day become successful in his video game endeavor, should such an opportunity arise.

Next week it looks like we will be treated(?) to some Ryuunosuke maid time. I can’t wait…


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