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Published on February 25th, 2013 | by clazy


Robotics;Notes – 18

Short Summary:

Aki and Kai go to Tokyo for the robot convention! Unfortunately, Kai still has his regrets about Mizuka and confronts Misa-nee about it secretly behind Aki’s back while on a trip to visit Airi in the hospital. Misa harshly turns a cold shoulder to his pleas about Mizuka and Aki. At the convention, everything goes pretty smoothly except that the crowd was still in an anti-Gunbarrel vibe. But Aki still gladly pulled off her poses for one young boy who was amazed by the IRUO app. After their successful expo debut, Aki tries to meet her sister, but…!!!?!


Well, that was a surprising ending… why did Misa-nee get shot at by her boss? Is she about to pull off something crazy that will inevitably foil her company’s evil plans or was her concealment of Kai’s pursuit of the Kimijima Reports discovered? Well obviously the second is true; why else would that CEO guy confront Kai but do nothing to him. Finally at least some shit will hit the fan. I was really hoping for some major plot twists this episode but it was just the robot expo… which was actually really lame and full of /cringe. Especially when Kai confronted Misa about Aki; she seems to absolutely detest her sister and for almost no substantial reason. I’m sure they will reconcile but knowing 5pb it will most likely be right before her death or after the fact when her true motives are revealed.

Best thing for me about this episode: real Airi gets screentime. Shit, I BAWWW’d so damn hard when Kai asked her for the weather. That was right in the feels, man. I kind of hoped she would retain her IRUO memories somehow but, yeah I guess that was a little too optimistic. HMM, I was really leaning for a Kai x Kona ending but maybe Kai x Airi would be just as good. Even though Aki will most likely win out at the end… I can at least hope, can’t I? BTW, osananajimi power is too strong in dating sims.



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