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Published on February 14th, 2013 | by clazy


Robotics;Notes – 16

Holy shit. Lots of things happened this episode with the apparent deaths of Mizuka and glasses side character A. Oops, I mean Mr. Pleiades (his real name is so forgettable anyway). Mizuka’s death especially was pretty hard to watch especially since Kai seemed to go full retard about the whole thing. I mean, why not knock her over to the side or spin her around to face another direction rather than Zangief her on her back. Not to mention he took a good minute to stare at her tits before acting at all. But, whatever, he was in frantic/panic mode so I guess he couldn’t properly think. Hopefully the Kimijima Report #7 is still there so we don’t need to waste time watching him look for it. Of course Mizuka, who apparently knows about the Anemone incident and Misaki’s true intentions dies a horrific death. Nonetheless I want answers soon. And hopefully GunTsuku2 is okay after that fall too.



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