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Published on March 25th, 2007 | by exo


Reideen – 01

Junki Saigara wakes up in class after having a reoccurring dream. He is immediately called to the board to answer a math question and is able to do so perfectly, without the assistance of his classmate and childhood friend Shiori Kobayakawa. After class he receives a phone call from his mother. Junki’s father had been missing for many years and some of his belongings were discovered at an excavation site near where he worked. The family goes down to claim his possessions and meets a member of the Vigilance Corps. named Maedasaki Taro. His long speech bores Junki who decides to explore a nearby cave. Inside a hole in the cave wall he notices something and then immediately passes out. He wakes up in a tent and finds out that he had been holding a golden bracelet when they discovered him unconscious. Suddenly, a meteorite falls from space and lands in a nearby lake. Out of the water comes a huge robot that destroys a patrol helicopter sending it plummeting into the dam wall causing it to break. Junki and his family are rushed to a helicopter, but Junki turns around at the last moment and rushes back to get his dad’s belongings. He is not quick enough and is pulled under by a wall of water. The golden bracelet he discovered begins to glow and he disappears, only to wake up naked in the cockpit of Reideen. He has no choice but to pilot it against the giant robot who begins to attack him.

The first thing that came to my mind when I watched Reideen for some reason was Zegapain. The character designs and the CG Mecha animation seem similar despite being made by two completely different animation studios.

This first episode struck me as boring; too much dialog, generic characters and battles as exciting as painting the fence (the mechs move about as fast as my grandma). Come on! A classmate who just happens to be the main character’s childhood friend and has a crush on him? I’ve never seen that before. >_> However, the character designs and the animation in general seem to be better then the normal anime. The CG is well done and the camera angles that they use are fresh. Its too bad that such good CG is wasted on a battle that consists of pushing, falling down and firing laser beams at stationary objects. I can see potential, but I’ll have to wait and see where they go with this anime in the next couple of episodes.



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