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Published on June 12th, 2013 | by clazy


OreImo – 10


Well, Yandere Ayase is finally inching closer to her dere side. I’ll admit that Kyousuke was pretty reliable this episode, going so far as to personally escort Kirino to the Meruru concert in his “fake manager” suit swag. I really loved the beginning of the episode where Ayase is “congratulating” Kyousuke on getting a girlfriend, all while having him locked up in handcuffs in her room (how he got there or why she let him into his room, I have no idea). With 3 episodes left, is it finally time for the Ayase arc?! Nah, I feel like after that touching sibling bicycle scene, we’ve gone straight into the Kirino arc, and maybe Ayase will get an OVA arc just like how Kuroneko had those “My Kouhai Can’t Be This Cute” episodes. Or maybe vice-versa. Hopefully Ayase gets some love somehow.

Also, OHWTF was that OP intro song. I… don’t even… *sigh* those lyrics, man. I had the exact shuddering chill drip down my spine as if I was watching Strike Witches or something.


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