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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by clazy


OreImo – 08


AW MAN. Kuroneko is such a big tease; but at least she lined up her priorities and took Kirino’s feelings into account of her “master dating plan.” I’m sure Kyousuke will be pretty confused and weirded out next episode with that revelation, but her hand-drawn picture of Kirino and Kyousuke having dinner now makes a lot of sense: she would only continue to date him unless Kirino wholeheartedly approves and is able to carry on their usual brother-sister relationship. I have no idea how the story now progresses from here, though. I wonder how much of a depression slump Kyousuke drops into after their break up… I guess it depends how well Kuroneko explains herself and how much consoling Kirino offers him. Maybe Kirino helping him is also a part of Kuroneko’s plan? Fuckin’ AYY; I would’ve been so pissed if I was in Kyousuke’s shoes.

Although this was the long-awaited Kuroneko-Summer-Dating episode, it wasn’t all that exciting. I guess the most entertaining scenes were at Kuroneko’s house, with her 2 sisters being silly and precocious. Still though, I was unimpressed. Kyousuke and Kuroneko can fantasize all they want, but looking back on the episode now, their old-fashioned ways led to only holding hands; it left much to be desired (aka where is the kiss scene!).


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