OreImo – 07

Thoughts and Speculation:

Well, all I can say is shit will hit the goddamn fan when Kirino discovers Kyousuke’s relationship. Compounding with the fact that Kyousuke had only just recently rejected the notion that she has a boyfriend, I can already foresee Kirino’s outburst of rage/jealousy/misunderstanding with the question why he can be in a romantic relationship when she cannot. Add to the fact that it’s Kuroneko… and it’s all over. Poor Saori’s circle will get broken; or at least until Kyousuke and Kuroneko break up and Kirino forgives both of them. These thoughts brewed in my head all during this episode and that one scene where the three formally apologized to Saori for their fight solidified these thoughts into more than just mere speculation; it seemed like straight foreshadowing. Also, Kirino’s fake boyfriend (I forget his name already) is a new member of their club, which is kinda random.

Alright, well I’m hating Kirino more and more for no real reason; needs moar Ayase for yandere lulz. I really really hope that eventually, Kyousuke/Kuroneko’s relationship will somehow leak to her and she misunderstands and does something crazy. If that ever happens, well, it will be amazing and yandere mode Ayase might become my new favorite yandere character.


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