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Published on May 14th, 2013 | by clazy


OreImo – 06

So… is it safe to say now that Kirino likes Kyousuke in more than just a sibling relationship? After unecessarily faking a boyfriend to make him jealous and bursting out at him in anger after not enjoying their “fake date,” its weird how far she’s taking it. As a Kuroneko fan, this doesn’t bode well for her chances with Kyousuke. I feel like he will definitely choose to keep Kirino happy by rejecting her, with the reasoning that if he’s in a relationship with Kuroneko, it will pretty much destroy Kirino’s otaku circle with awkwardness. Especially now when we see Kirino’s jealousy get to the breaking point whenever Kuroneko and Kyousuke get too touchy-feely.

Nonetheless, I’m sure Kyousuke will try to date Kuroneko. Hopefully he does a good job of keeping it secret, because there’s no way he will be able to keep it forever. And when that time comes, Kyousuke will lose his newfound sibling relationship with Kirino. Goddamnit I hate little sister characters. Or maybe I just loathe Kirino.


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  1. Cytrus says:

    I got the impression that one of the reasons Kuroneko managed to pluck up the courage for a direct confessions was that Kirino gave her her blessing. The two supposedly had a very long phone conversation the night before… But we’ll see I guess. 

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