Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai [Review]

Thoughts, Review, and a Rant:

*spoilers ahead*

And with the release of episodes 14 – 16, this silly incest show finally comes to a close. Although I hated the Kirino route, I really do have to admit that the writing and development of these last episodes was really good. But holy shit, I must have said “NO” and “I hate this” maybe like twenty to thirty times watching episode 16. *sigh* Kyousuke, who got confessed to over and over again by the various girls in his life, had to turn each girl down… goddamnit. Even though everyone knew it would come to this, it was still pretty painful to watch and it left a bitter taste in my mouth at the end of the show, especially since he was just catering to his sister’s whims of only going out for that short time span – whereas if he picked ANY OTHER girl, he probably would have had been set for life… I’m starting to feel physically ill now thinking of this shit again. NO but SRSLY: yandere-route Ayase, idol-route Kanako, osananajimi-route Manami, kouhai-route Kuroneko, otaku-ojou-sama-route Saori… he had some prime ass choices. Oh god, I need to take a break from thinking about this; I am just so fuckin’ disgusted at Kyousuke’s decision making… ugh. I’ve never felt this physically ill from watching an unsatisfying ending before… did my subconscious really hate Kirino that much?

*after a 30 minute break* (felt much better after watching this)

I guess if a show is able to make me feel physically sick just from its ending, it should be praised, right?

Overall, for me, this second season was much better than the first. It really had a lot of content, if you looked deep enough, and the jokes were much funnier. I still think that BBQ potluck scene at Kyousuke’s apartment is comedic gold with a bunch of girls who’ve never interacted before just go at it. There were some slow points, such as Saori’s backstory episodes, but overall it was a great watch week-by-week. I’ll definitely come back to watching this second season again… although I’m sure it will be pretty far into the future. With amazing episode titles such as “My Super Angel Ayase-tan Can Come Over to My Place While I’m Living Alone,” it’s hard not to hate this show.

As for these last few episodes, they were decently enjoyable (except for the incest *shudder*). I’ll admit that they were incredibly entertaining, for the sole fact that it continued the story and developed characters a bit more during the confessions; it also put a sort of closure on their tale of incest. The rejection scenes of each girl were incredibly good; I kind of wished there was more Ayase, but I wouldn’t want to see how she’d feel getting rejected twice. I’d say the Kirino and Manami fighting scene was my favorite part, just because the two girls I disliked the most in this show got all fucked up (lol jk)… But really though, Manami had a pretty difficult part to play, which was being the “last boss” who initially ingrained the stigma that led to Kyousuke and Kirino’s schism. Although she looks like she’d be the most timid girl based on appearance, she’s probably the most cunning and manipulative of all. But seriously though, that fight scene was pretty great. Hair-pulling and glasses-shattering, exactly what a cat fight should be.

ANYWAY, to conclude:
Kuroneko: best girl (except the game-making club parts weren’t all that great), the scenes with her sisters were lol and her confession scenes were by far the best and most heartfelt. Best story would have to go to Ayase and her short story arc of how she gradually developed feelings for him even though she was just trying to get closer to Kirino… it was cute. Her yandere tendencies had nothing to do with it, I swear. Plus her rejection scene earlier in the show was spectacular. Saori’s gap moe of ojou/otaku was wildly entertaining for most of the show, especially when she acknowledged her own niche in order to get a chance at Kyousuke’s heart. Kanako was pretty much never a route, but her confession scene was really good and uplifting. I’m going to go ahead and say the fans that cheered for Kirino don’t actually have a younger sister themselves… 8man got it right. Incest is not Wincest.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season: 8 / 10


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