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Published on March 17th, 2012 | by exo


Nisemonogatari – 11 (END)


I kind of forgot how good a writer Nisio Isin was. Its not like the first nine or so episodes were bad or anything, but they were more for fan service than anything else. This episode felt far different from anything we have seen thus far has quickly become my favorite from the -gatari series. The pacing was a hell of a lot faster compared to an average episode. Scenes were kept shorter and to the point, while the characters were precise with their words.

At one point, Araragi asked Karen if she would be willing to die for him or for Tsukihi, to which she replies, “Sure I could.” Her heartfelt response allows Araragi to confirm his own feelings and gives him faith that no matter what happens they’ll still be family. I thought this was a very powerful scene and evidently Shinobu did too; learning Tsukihi’s name and going to such great extents to help Araragi isn’t something that she would normally do.

On that note, I was happy that we were finally able to take a glimpse at Shinobu’s teenage form. She really does love Araragi a lot, despite her seeming disinterest in the happenings of the human world. I might be looking too much into this but, even the way she dresses in her teenage form fits Araragi’s preferences. She was wearing a skirt (which reflects on the way Araragi fell head over heels for Karen/Sengoku) and a hoodie very similar to the one that Araragi frequently wears. Shinobu is definitely watching Araragi, and is making a conscious attempt to be more appealing to compete with all of the other love interests in Araragi’s life.

It’s pretty interesting how Araragi wins his fights. He doesn’t have much skill in combat and relies on his insane vampric endurance when it comes down to physical engagements. However, in the end, his passionate and unselfish side show through and make it impossible for his opponent to fight. While Araragi lacks any sort of legitimate fighting ability, he makes up for it with his incredible gift of speech and determination. Shinobu laughed in Kagenui’s face when she requested that they fight each other in a final round and responded that, “My master hasn’t lost to you yet.” Indeed he hadn’t, little did Kagenui realize that Araragi was about to retaliate with his own form of war. After he poured his emotion out and showed how much he really cared for his family, Kagenui lost her will to fight and was forced to admit defeat, guaranteeing the safety of Tsukihi for good.

All in all a very solid episode. Lots of stuff went down, and I am starting to get a little sad knowing that Nisemonogatari is done. :[ Who knows when SHAFT will come out with another season? But it’s not like they don’t have material to use for another show. Hopefully the books will get picked up by a US publisher and released to the states in english. Then I won’t have to study Kanji. yay. On a side note, WHY SENJOUGAHARA?!? WHY U NO HAV LONG HAIR??


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  1. feal87 says:

    That Shinobu! How can I wait for so many months until the movie?! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ….>_<

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