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Published on March 14th, 2012 | by exo


Nisemonogatari – 10


Since when was Araragi such a pervert? Seriously, stripping down his sister to nothing just to check for a scar. Nisemonogatari was definitely Nisio Isin’s magnum opus.. ಠ_ಠ

In all seriousness with the Tsukihi arc finally here it looks like the plot will start to move forward at a breakneck speed no doubt, judging by the few episodes SHAFT has left for the season. BUT NOPE, instead we get a 1/3 of the episode dedicated to Shinobu’s doughnut addiction. Its not like I’m complaining though, Shinobu is awesome in my book and the doughnut scene itself wasn’t completely filler material. We did get to learn a couple things regarding the background of Kagenui and Ononoki from Shinobu and, SURPRISE! the gloomy Kaiki who took Araragi’s entire wallet to pay for his intel (which I though was hilarious).

This season is definitely fleshing out a little more of Araragi’s personality. We’ve all seen the calm, go with the flow personality he usually exhibits and are used to him taking any and all adversities in stride. But after his sister got killed, he instantly abandoned all reason and went on a rampage trying to avenge his sister’s death. I have never before seen him get so pissed off about something. Araragi’s reaction revealed his deep affection for his sisters despite him always saying that he hates them. Even Shinobu, who usually doesn’t interfere with Araragi’s business took it upon herself to defend him and his sister, probably due in part to her feeling the same emotions that Araragi felt.

This episode left me a little confused as to the true nature of Tsukihi. On one hand they say she’s possessed by a phoenix spirit, but on the other they claim that she is the phoenix spirit in human form. Which is it???? I’m sure in the end it won’t matter too much, Tsukihi is Tsukihi to me and I’m sure it will be the same for Araragi.

On a side note, really? Out of every possible weapon or spell that one could possibly use, it was decided that Tsuhiki would get killed by a huge glowing magic finger? I said, with a posed look.


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