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Published on March 3rd, 2012 | by exo


Nisemonogatari – 09


Ugh.. When Karen pulled out that key, I literally cringed knowing what was to come. WHY OH WHY does every single girl I like in this series have to cut their hair short? Not cool man… not cool.

On the surface this was a very mundane episode. Nothing much of anything happened. Some less then entertaining banter between Karen and Araragi, and a humorous but unsurprising segment with Hachikuji and Araragi’s pedophile tendencies took up the majority of the episode. However, Shinobu tripping Araragi was S-class humor.

Although there wasn’t much in terms of character or story development this ep., there was quite a bit of set up and foreshadowing of the events to come with the introduction of two new characters, Kagenui Yodzuru and Ononoki Yotsugi. It was made very clear that they aren’t just your average passerbys. Kagenui’s correct identification of Araragi as a demon boy and Karen as a hornet, along with Ononoki calling Hachikuji a snail hints that they are both in tune with the spiritual world much like Oshino was. Coincidentally, we find that the Eikou Cram School they were looking for was the abandoned building that Oshino called home. When Araragi asks why she would want to go there, she replies “to establish a base of operations”, implying that she could have some sort of connection with Oshino. Could she possibly be his replacement?

Still no Tsukihi… Maybe, just maybe, next week’s episode will be the one.


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