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Published on February 25th, 2012 | by exo


Nisemonogatari – 08




I’ve been lurking quietly in the shadows this winter season, watching a little bit of this and a little bit of that when school isn’t consuming every waking second of my life. My only real steady has been Nisemonogatari and DAMN… this episode blew me out of blogging hibernation with the force of a nuclear bomb. There are moments in anime when you are completely, and utterly blown away; God Knows, Gurren Lagann, and Rentaro’s Tantei kick to name a few. I got that same feeling with the toothbrush scene. Something so ridiculous yet so well executed that it completely left me at a loss for words.

Its no wonder that SHAFT excluded the earlier kiss from the show. The omission served to build up the sexual tension and viewer anticipation to dangerously high levels before completely BLASTING everyone in the face with five minutes of erotic toothbrush foreplay, a technique commonly employed in dubstep (the building up and dropping part, not the sexual toothbrush part). Sadly, Tsukihi played a very minor role this episode, especially considering that it’s the start of her ark. To me, this was a huge let down and apparently one of the major gripes with the second portion of the Nisemonogatari light novel. Oh well, I’ll take Karen over Tsukihi any day.

Here’s a full body shot of Karen for your viewing pleasure. There were actually three in the episode, but I was too lazy to do the other two.

Also for those of you itching to know what’s in store for the future but are too lazy to research/can’t read the Japanese light novels:
On Karen:
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On Tsukihi:
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“Koyomi, siscon for life.”


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    I must ask, from which one of the novels does this come from:
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