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Published on June 15th, 2013 | by clazy


My Youth Romantic Comedy is all Wack’d Up, As per Usual – 11


Just when this show slows down a bit, Hacchi livens things up with his crazy suggestions as his “disgruntled worker” status becomes infamous among the Cultural Festival Committee members. He even goes so far as to make both Yukinoshita sisters laugh during the meeting. Yukino’s has been pretty out of it for the past few episodes and I’ve really missed her arrogant, antagonizing banter between her and Hachiman. Speaking of the Yukinoshita sisters, I get that Haruno’s supposed to be the sort of “bad guy” since Yukino feels all that pressure to perform just as she did, but she’s just so damn funny it’s hard for me to hate on her; I feel like she plays the “bitchy, annoying” sister as a facade for a deeper meaning. Exactly what? I have no idea, maybe overflowing love for her sister? Or to set her up to see her fail? Again, I say, no idea.

In other news… HOLY FFFFF Totsuka x Hayato fujoshi drama play… that entire scene was just… lol. The fact that the crowd was all girls screaming in ecstasy and Hachiman grossed out in the back of the room was amazingly silly. Biggest trap this season. Without a doubt.


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